You’re the first man I ever loved.

The first man who kissed my forehead and let me know that I am loved.

The first man I ever waited at midnight to come home, and as grow older you were the first man who have waited for me to come home.

I remember the look on your face years ago when I told you I want to leave your house and be on my own. The look of worry mixed with a proud tone.

You know I hate the way you’re mad at me, and I know you hate it when I don’t listen to you.

But deep in our hearts we both agree, that you love me and I love you.

We had our fights, up-and-downs, and we always will. 

But I know you’re willing to give up almost everything, so my happiness will be fulfilled.

As a grow older you gave me my space.

Yet you were there for me at any time if not at any place.

You taught me about courage and not to compromise.

To study hard, work hard, not to rely on anyone, and to be wise.

Through love’s triumph or even heart ache.

You inspired me to be strong and won’t be easy for someone to break.

That is why on this day each year I pray for all your wishes to come true.

Happy 54th birthday, Dad, I love you.

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