Sometimes I don’t know how love works.

Sometimes you feel like the universe is telling you that this particular person is the love of your life. This person has got a hold on you for years and years. This person makes all the butterflies in your stomach go crazy whenever you see them, even though you see them everyday. This person makes you fall in love, each and every day, all over again. The person you love like no one else in the entire world before.

It’s confusing how love as strong and beautiful as that has to stop. It’s confusing when someone told you they love you but somewhere along the way they gave up. One of you stopped trying.

I remember asking the All Mighty, “Doesn’t love as strong as this, a feeling as beautiful as this, deserve a happy ending? Doesn’t it deserve more than the fact that when one of us gave up it needs to stop?”

No answer, whatsoever.

All is left is the fact that everything is confusing. How and why you met them, why it all even happened, how to start over. Pain, even if it is unbearable, is just a small part of the equation. Confusion is the worse nightmare of it all.

“Doesn’t love as strong as that deserves a happy ending?”

I used to believe it does.

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